How to Know if Your Dog Has Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common problem for most pets these days. Your dog may suffer from this situation for any reasons. There are many factors that can cause this pain. Arthritis becomes the most common factor that can lead to this situation.

This article can tell you about how to know if your dog has joint pain. There are some symptoms that are very obvious for most dog owners today. You should take a look at these symptoms very carefully, so you can treat this situation properly. Here are some common signs and symptoms that can be shown by your dog.

1. Have difficulties in walking

This is the most obvious symptom that you can find in your dog. Most dogs usually lift one of their legs when they feel uncomfortable with their limbs. They may have some difficulties in walking when they are suffering from joint pain. This situation should be treated properly, so they can walk with full legs easily. This symptom is usually shown by most dogs that are suffering from arthritis.

2. Cannot move easily

Some dogs may show this symptom when they feel joint pain. Some joint problems can cause spinal issues in some dogs. They cannot move easily when they are suffering from this health problem. Sluggishness is one of the most common symptoms of the joint pain. Most dogs tend to sit or sleep for a long time when they want to spend their time. They don’t want to move their body parts frequently.

3. Tiredness

This is another common sign that you can find in your dogs. When they feel tired more frequently than the normal days, you should notice that they may have some joint pain problems. Tiredness is an obvious symptom that you can watch from your dogs easily. Most of them usually want to spend their time by laying on their cages or other comfortable areas, such as sofa, carpet, and some other places.

4. Unstable mood

Most dogs usually feel uncomfortable with the joint pain. They can have unstable mood when they have some problems with their joints. Some of them are very irritable during this situation. They can bite or snap when they are approached. When your dogs increase their aggressiveness, you should take a look at their condition. Some aggressive dogs have joint pain problems in some of their joints.

5. Muscle atrophy

This situation rarely happens in most dogs. However, some dogs may suffer from this situation. They may lose their muscles because they have lack of activities. When their muscles are not used properly, they can reduce their own muscle sizes. Muscle atrophy can be observed from most dogs easily. This is another symptom that can indicate the joint pain in most dogs.

They are some common symptoms of the joint pain. This pain should be treated immediately, so your dogs can feel comfortable in their life. You can bring your dogs to some professional veterinarians. They should be able to give some prescribed drugs for most dogs with arthritis. There are some special medications that can be used to treat dogs with arthritis or joint pain problems.

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